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Compassionate Representation After A Devastating Injury

A serious personal injury has wide-ranging repercussions. From physical limitations and pain rendering you unable to work, to significant medical bills, to concern about whether you will ever be the same again, there is a lot for an injured person to deal with. The financial repercussions may sometimes cause as much stress as the long road to physical recovery. In some cases, an injury can result in death, leaving family and loved ones to cope with the emotional and monetary costs.

Thomas Braun Bernard & Burke, LLP has represented clients in Rapid City, across South Dakota, and in Wyoming with their personal injury needs, securing millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts in the process. Our attorneys are selective in the cases they choose to pursue, allowing us the ability to prepare extensively and represent our clients to the fullest.

Relentless Pursuit Of Personal Injury Claims

As part of our practice, we have represented clients in cases stemming from:

  • Single and multiple motor vehicle accidents involving motorcycles, cars, tractor-trailers/18-wheelers, and farm equipment
  • Defective products, including malfunctioning machinery resulting in serious injury, such as loss of limbs, paralysis, and death

In the aftermath of a personal injury, your focus is and should be on your full recovery. We understand. While we work with our clients to determine the appropriate legal strategy with the goal of getting them the compensation required to make them whole, we want our clients to focus on their recuperation.

We are a litigation firm. We believe in aggressively pursuing our clients’ claims, both in court and at the negotiation table.

No matter the nature of the injury, we have had success getting clients across South Dakota and Wyoming compensated for their losses.

No Recovery, No Fee

We represent most of our personal injury and wrongful death clients on a contingency basis. We have represented many clients with extremely complex personal injury cases and have been able to get results in even the most difficult of situations.

Helping You Get The Compensation You Deserve

To learn more about our firm and how our lawyers can be of assistance, call our office at 605-646-2838 or use our online contact form.