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When A Defective Product Causes Harm

Every day, each of us interacts with countless products that have the potential to cause injury or death if they are not designed or manufactured properly: the tools and equipment we use on the job; the appliances and items we use at home; and, of course, the cars and pickups we drive. We depend on manfacturers to make items that will be safe to use. When a defective product causes you or a loved one harm or death, you have a right to seek financial compensation from the manufacturer and potentially others.

At Thomas Braun Bernard & Burke, LLP we have a successful record in handling product liability cases, and we are proud to help our clients seek compensation to make them whole when they have been injured by a dangerous product. We understand that injuries can have life-changing impacts, which is why we are passionate about protecting our clients' rights under the law.

Legal Support For Miners, Construction Workers, And Others

Our attorneys have represented clients who have suffered personal injuries in a wide range of settings, including:

  • Farm/Construction Equipment
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Roof trusses and other defective building components
  • Railroad-related injuries
  • Mining-related injuries
  • Faulty tree stands used for hunting

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We typically represent our personal injury clients on a contingency basis, meaning that we charge our clients a fee only when we are able to successfully recover compensation for their injury.

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